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DOWNLOAD: free 3D models

Free STL file geometries for download

Both the DeskProto Tutorial book and the DeskProto Instruction Videos use sample geometries to show how to use certain options in DeskProto. In order to follow these instructions and to replay the lesson on your own machine you need to have this sample geometry.
Note: these files may be used to make your own model. They may NOT be sold or offered for downloading.

DeskProto screenshot of the Coat-Of-Arms relief model
This free Coat of Arms relief can be customized using your own graphics and banner text.

This great Coat-Of-Arms relief has been created by Todd Bailey of 4m3D Creative Design as a custom model for DeskProto. We supply the model as a free download, hoping that machining this relief will make you appreciate the DeskProto software.
Note that you can easily customize the model by adding graphics and text to the shield and the ribbon: see the Coat-Of-Arms page for instruction videos and pictures of some nice results for this relief.

DeskProto screenshot of the Venus model
This model is perfectly suited for rotation axis machining a small statue.

The geometry of Venus de Milo (or in fact of her head only) may be supplied by courtesy of Minolta USA. It is used in the lessons on rotation axis machining, both in the PDF Tutorial as in the Instruction videos.
For more information on this geometry see the Venus Gallery page.

DeskProto screenshot of the Cellphone model
The cellphone STL geometry (ZIP-file / 3.6 Mb) is a bit old design, still a nice example though.

The geometry of this Cellphone front has been modelled by John Brock of McNeel. It is used in the lesson on Two-Sided machining in the PDF Tutorial.
For more information on this geometry see the Cellphone Gallery page.

DeskProto screenshot of the 'Video ring' model
A complex ring like this can be machined very accurately (wax model).

This geometry of a beautifully detailed ring has been created by Chris Botha of, to be used in the Instruction video on jewelry ring machining that he made for us.
You can find this video and some nice pictures of resulting rings on the Jewelry videos page.

DeskProto screenshot of the DpPictureFrame model
This picture frame is a great gift: your own home made present !

This beautiful Picture frame geometry is new in DeskProto V6. This geometry has also been created for us by Todd Bailey of 4m3D Creative Design, as a custom model for DeskProto. We supply it to all DeskProto users: it comes as a free sample geometry with all DeskProto software downloads, and it features in Lesson 1 of the DeskProto Tutorial.