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Setup tips for installing DeskProto

What hardware/software is needed

DeskProto V7 is a MS Windows application that needs Win Vista, Win7, Win8 or Win10 or newer. Windows XP (Service Pack 3) is supported as well, using a different Setup file that is available on request (email us!). Other platforms and older Windows versions are not supported.
Nevertheless: DeskProto runs OK on an Apple Mac under Mac OS X using the Parallels Desktop Windows emulation software, and also using the VirtualBox Windows emulator.
When the DeskProto Setup detects that a 64 bits version of Windows is used, then automatically the 64 bits version of DeskProto will be installed. In all other cases DeskProto is a 32 bits application.

Minimum required hardware is a Pentium PC with 1 GB RAM and 1 GB of free disk space (the Setup only installs ca 100 MB. of data, however you will need much more for your STL files and NC files).
In order to minimize waiting times a fast machine with more memory is recommended.
The 3D graphics card in your PC needs to support Open-GL (Version 3 or higher): OpenGL logo
In many cases graphics problems can be solved by downloading and installing a more recent display driver. A powerful graphics card is recommended as that will speed up drawing.

How to install

Just as all Windows applications DeskProto can be installed by running the DeskProto Setup program. You can download this Setup program (dp70-en.exe) from the download page (on the CD this program is called Setup.exe). All you need to do is start this program.

The DeskProto Setup program will now automatically install DeskProto onto your hard disk. You will be prompted to enter the file locations: default a folder "C:\Program Files\DeskProto 7.0" will be created for the program, and a folder "C:\ProgramData\DeskProto 7.0" for the samples and the cutter/machine/postprocessor definitions (Note that \ProgramData by default is a hidden folder). Using two separate folders is needed as otherwise each user would need administrative privileges. sorry about that.

After installation a new Program Group will have been added to the Start menu, and an icon called "Deskproto 7.0" will have been added to your desktop. Start DeskProto by double clicking the DeskProto icon on your desktop.

How to un-install

Uninstalling DeskProto is easy:
- click the Windows Start button, select 'All Programs', open the folder 'DeskProto 7.0' and click 'DeskProto 7.0 uninstall'.
In case this does not work you can also uninstall as follows:
- click the Windows Start button, select 'Control Panel', 'Programs', 'Uninstall a program'. Now click on line 'DeskProto 7.0' and then press button Uninstall.